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Helpful Hints for Tiki Torch Wedding Decor

Bamboo tiki torches are must-haves at a tropical luau - there's no better way to help you get into that Hawaiian spirit. But you can also find elegant torches for entertaining throughout the year. So why not at a wedding?

Why not indeed!

Tiki torches are a fun touch for lightening up any outdoor wedding, whether it's at a beach, backyard, or city townhouse. And don't think tiki torch wedding ideas are just for island theme ceremonies or receptions. You can find unique bronze, stainless steel and bamboo styles that look dramatic in any decor.

Here are some decorating ideas if you're thinking about adding tiki torches or deck torches to your outdoor wedding plans:

  • Think about the overall look and feel of the ceremony and reception and choose metal torches made of bronze, copper, or steel for a sophisticated and formal look. Choose bamboo tiki torches to reflect a casual feel and carefree spirit.
  • For bamboo torches - the classic luau party torch and least expensive option - you'll probably need torch stands. Anything heavy but still portable will work. Buy a number of nice look wicker or seagrass baskets. Line them with plastic bags and fill with sand. Stick the torch pole into the sand to keep it upright.
  • Consider the type of wick. Fiberglass wicks are better than cotton because they give a smokeless and slower burn.
  • Choose between gas or oil tiki torches. For a wedding, oil fueled tiki torches are the most flexible because propane or natural gas torches typically use a common fuel source and are permanently installed. Oil torches have refillable reservoir in the torch itself and can be moved around easily.
  • Once they are topped up, oil torches burn between 6 and 16 hours. Make sure you check the burn time on the manufacturer's instructions because you want your torches to burn without a refill from dusk to midnight. Cheaper torches won╠t hold as much oil and therefore won't burn as long.
  • Choose the type of oil to burn. Paraffin oil burns clean, smokeless and odorless. Citronella oil can help to ward off bugs.
  • Line the driveway to your reception, light the path to the alter, or encircle your outdoor dining area with tiki torches, but remember these torch safety tips when deciding where they'll go. Never place a torch inside under any circumstances, or under a tree canopy or overhanging structure. If you want torches lining a walkway or path, make sure the torch is set well back from the high traffic zone. You don't want any chance of someone bumping into or knocking over a lighted torch.
  • Add tiki torches to your wedding budget. Aluminum, steel, or copper torches all range between $60 and $130 per torch. Bamboo tiki torches are around $30 or less. Natural gas torches require specialized fittings, construction, and professional installation and range between $140 to $240 per torch.
  • Consider adding tiki torches to your gift registry. Your guests can contribute to a set of fabulous torches as wedding gift and you get to use them for years to come.

Leanne Tremblay is a freelance writer and publisher of www.outdoorlighting.learnabout.info, a site all about great ways to add outdoor lighting to your garden, deck or patio.


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